As a cat owner, it is important that you understand the importance of designing a healthy nutrition plan for your pet. If you rely on the average bag of cat food, then your cat might end up lacking in some important nutrients. This is the reason that some people like to get additional pet supplements and take care to monitor their cat's diet. Below are a number of suggestions on how you can make sure your cat has a healthy nutrition program. 

Ample Fresh Water

The first and most important thing you need to do is make sure that your cat has ample water. Without enough fresh water, your cat can become sick. Over time, cats who lack access to fresh drinking water are in danger of developing kidney stones and other serious health problems. So, the solution is to always have fresh drinking water available. One problem for many cat owners is that they will forget to fill up the water bowl. The best solution to this problem is to buy a large water dispenser which will be able to hold several days' worth of water. These function as reservoirs and refill your cat's bowl automatically.

Healthy Fats 

One of the main pet supplements that you need to seriously consider is healthy fats. Much like how humans often need to supplement with essential fatty acids, cats also need to have these healthy fats in their diet. Some dry pet food will have essential fatty acids in the mix, and if you feed your cat fish such as salmon, then they will get these fats. However, some dry foods are lacking in healthy fats, and some cats need more (cats with dry skin or a dry coat, for instance) So, you should look for a pet supplement supplier who will offer healthy fatty acids that you can buy. If you are hesitant about getting the fats in pill form, you can always choose a liquid that you can add to their dry food to boost the fat content. 


In recent years it has become more common to supplement your cat's daily diet with probiotics. This is important because the probiotics help with stomach issues, which many cats suffer from. When you consider that cats' ancestors roamed free and ate a wild diet, then you will see how dry kibble is going to be a dramatic change to the feline body. The probiotics can help the cat with stomach issues they might have due to eating a diet heavily based around dry kibble.

Cranberry Supplement

Many cats are at risk of urinary tract issues due to a diet high in dry food. In addition to providing your cat with lots of water, you should also consider cranberry pet supplements. These are great for improving your cat's urinary health. You can get a cranberry powder supplement and add it to their wet food and mix it in so that it does not taste too strong.

For more information, contact a pet supplement supplier.