Walk through a pet store these days, and you will likely come across a few different brands of GPS pet trackers. These devices allow you to see the location of your pet, via your smartphone. They can be really useful for keeping track of indoor-outdoor cats, and also for just ensuring that if your dog wanders, you're able to find it. If you are considering purchasing a GPS pet tracker for your own pet, then you may have some of the following questions, which are answered below.

How does the GPS tracker attach to your pet?

It simply attaches to a collar. Each brand attaches to the collar a little differently. Most just look like thick, hanging tags. There are others that are a little larger and that look like small garage door openers. These are an older generation of GPS trackers. They're cheaper than the tag-style ones, but their bulkiness makes them less than ideal for smaller dogs and cats.

Does your pet need a GPS tracker if they have a microchip?

Yes, it is still a good idea to get a GPS tracker if your pet has a microchip. They serve two different purposes. A microchip does not show your pet's location. It can simply be scanned by anyone with a scanning device to reveal any information you've programmed into the chip. The GPS tracker allows you to see your pet's location at any time — which is a technology not yet available in microchips.

How often does the GPS tracker update?

The answer depends on the brand of tracker you choose. And some trackers actually come with multiple settings, allowing you to specify how often the tracker updates. You can have the tracker update every minute, every 10 minutes, or every 60 minutes, for example. The more frequent settings are more useful if your pet happens to go missing, but they do drain the battery on the GPS tracker faster.

How long do tracker batteries last?

Most pet GPS trackers have rechargeable batteries. The battery may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the brand. Typically, the tracker will start blinking to let you know when the battery needs charging. The more a tracker costs, the longer-lasting the battery is likely to be.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of the questions you had about GPS trackers for pets. They can be an excellent way to keep track of your dog or cat.