When you get a dog, it's important for you to make sure you provide that dog with a safe, healthy, and happy life. If you treat your dog right, then you can also get so many great things out of the relationship. You can learn why dog training is so important for both you and your dog when you continue with the following article.

You can keep your dog safer

When you have a dog that has been properly trained, you will be able to keep them from running off and being injured or lost. For example, when your dog is properly trained, you can accidentally drop their leash, and they will remain by your side, instead of running into the street. Also, you will be able to open your front door without your dog pushing past you and running off, getting lost from home in the process. You can also let your dog out in the yard, and they won't dig out or jump over the gate if they have been properly trained. 

You can keep your dog healthier

When you have had your dog properly trained, you can help to keep them healthier. If your dog has been properly obedience trained, then they will know not to grab the dinner plate off the table when you go into another room for a moment. This is important because there are many people foods that are toxic to dogs, and can even be fatal. One example of a food that dogs should never eat is onions, and this is a type of food that's used in many dishes. 

You can keep your dog happier

Training your dog will also help them to be happier and more content. Proper training can help to prevent issues like separation anxiety in many cases. This means that your dog won't have severe anxiety when you are away from them. Your dog will also know how to act when you aren't home, so you won't have to worry about them chewing up your favorite pair of shoes or relieving themselves on your favorite rug. 


Now that you understand some important reasons why you should have your dog trained, you will likely want to do so. Keep in mind that once your dog is trained, you will want to continue expecting that same good behavior from them. If you continue with your part, then they will continue being a well-behaved dog.